Headspace for Neurons and Neutrons Binaural (Single) 96Khz

by Raymon Brugman

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96khz 24 bit HD Digital Audio Carrier...

Please NOTE: Streaming Mp3 version is cut off at 16 kHz resulting in quite a big loss of the transients, and ultrasonic sound. I don't know why, but that's what my analyser just showed me, this is the not the case with the 96khz FLAC file...

This track is best enjoyed in a darkroom, lying in a warm bed, eyes closed, and listen to the track with stereo headphones, then just analyse what it all is that's happening inside the track. Be sure you're body lies in a pleasant position which you can maintain throughout the entire track.

These tracks are just like little Trips in my opinion. Start m once, and there is no turning back. Just let m roll, let the sound rain down on you. Try not to argue with yourselves about the fact if you can handle this much sound and instrumentation at once. Just let me be you're guide for a couple of minutes.

NOTE: (I really do hate it though, when the bandcamp stream stutters for a second. You will notice a terrible a-sync brainwave and Binaural Beats rhythm, and that's really awful. So I certainly hope that isn't going to happen, and otherwise, you will then at least know there indeed are Binaural Beats embedded inside the track :P ).

As the track progresses, I can tell you you're eye balls will feel irritated, you're eyebrows will frown, and you feel like there's a constant pressure poking on you're eyes. You're astral body is probably wanting to come out of it's enclosure, the real you, you're body. It wants to get of of that little head space so its starts rotating on you. You're jaws will probably tighten, and you're hands feel like there cramping up more more. As the track gets closer to ending, you might be flickering you're eyes in the rhythm of the track. As the track ends you will feel a certain relief, on you're eyes, and overall body muscles, they are not as cramped up as before...

When some of this happens to you, well then I did my job correctly. Cause that's exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Oh right if for any chance within 10 minutes after listening this you have a weird childhood flashback, feel creatively loaded, have pressure on you're eyes, or feel relatively headache free and mentally cleansed or relieved. Try to think back to this track...

This Track has two binaurally spaced binaural beats in it. The two binaural beats together generate a third Binaural Beat...

The Frequencies of the Binaural Beats which are present in this track...

3.1 Is binaurally spaced to be the low oscillator, al the way at the bottom of you're head...
15.4 Is binaurally spaced to be the top Oscillator which tickles the upside of you're head and eyes...

Hz Glossary:

3.0-5.5 - "Theta1" Range.

3.0 Increased Reaction Time

3.0 HZ & below used to reduce muscle tension
headaches, but worked less well on migraines & sinus headaches.

3.07 Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel, balance of pelvis)

3 - 4 Influences physical vision

3 - 6 Childhood awareness and vivid memories

3 - 8 Theta Range according to deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory, focus, creativity, lucid dreaming, hypnagogic state

12.3 Associated with eyes (Effects=Visualization)

15.0-18.0 Beta (mid) - increased mental ability, focus, alertness, IQ "alert but not agitated"/"aware of self & surroundings"

15.4 - Associated with Cortex (Effects=intelligence)

Please Read Safety Tip: Do not listen to this audio track whilst driving, operating heavy machinery or performing tasks requiring absolute concentration. This recording can also trigger an epileptic attack on people who are sensitive for fast flickering frequencies. Concentration can be greatly affected by this track. It can induce drowsiness, or some kind of mental trance...

With much love...


Have a great day


released February 15, 2012

Composed, recorded, performed, mixed and mastered by Raymon Brugman 2012
Album Art by Raymon Brugman 2012



all rights reserved


Raymon Brugman Netherlands

Raymon Brugman started exploring the vast world of singer songwriter style music at the age of 13. Later he ventured into the realms of the digital audio world.

Now 24, he creates a seamless blend of analogue and electronic Music and Arts...
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