Mystical Intrusion Binaural Audio (Single) 96Khz

by Raymon Brugman

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Hi there fellow Inhabitants of this Universe,

This is Ray speaking, and I wanted to share a track from me which I started working on on Christmas about a year ago, and which I recently have finished. I also wanted to share some interesting facts about this track.

This is a Binaural Beats Audio Track. It is brought to you in a 96Khz 24 bit flac Audio file (If Bought that is, for the small price of 1.00 Euro of course). When you are listening to this track for free you are probably listening to an mp3 file of this track. Which will result in a small loss of the binaural factor, but don't be afraid, you'll notice something...

For this Audio Track it is recommended you use stereo headphones. A decent Stereo setup will do too, but youre have to sit in the absolute center facing you're speakers.

This track is best enjoyed in a darkroom, lying in a warm bed, eyes closed, and listen to the track with stereo headphones, then just analyse what all is happening inside the track. Be sure you're body lies in a pleasant position which you can maintain throughout the entire track.

This track features three binaural beats woven into one major binaural beat. Funny Things happen then :)...

The two major Binaural beats Frequencies are 16.2hz this is the Major key of the track which is the C minor.,and 4hz. These two frequencies will influence each other. Then there is the third binaural beats frequency Which varies throughout the song.

Note, these frequencies are not just randomly generated with FM, its a totally unique approach of mixing Binaural Beats into or over existing musical Content. This way of mixing is the result of years of study and research on binaural beats and brainwave entertainment done by myself, collecting bits and bops around the web... I do hope you understand that I won't give away my exact method of achieving these Binaural Beats, as it's one of my trademark sounds...

Below: The Binaural Frequency's which are present in this track and a bit of information of what states they induce Information:

3.9Hz (a remedy for) unsociable behavior; Theta/Delta brainwave range - crystal clear meditation, lucid dreams, enhanced inner awareness, "facilitates easy access to inner resources & creates space for inner peace + self-renewal".

4-6Hz - attitude & behavior change

16.0Hz - bottom limit of normal hearing; Release oxygen & calcium into cells.

16.4Hz Associated with top of head (Effects=spirit, liberation, transcendence)

This Audio track is brought to you with the greatest amount of love from me, Raymon Brugman for you to enjoy...

Please Read Safety Tip: Do not listen to this audio track whilst driving, operating heavy machinery or performing tasks requiring absolute concentration. This recording can also trigger an epileptic attack on people who are sensitive for fast flickering frequencies. Concentration can be greatly affected by this track. It can induce drowsiness, or some kind of mental trance...

Kind Regards,



released February 3, 2012

Raymon Brugman



all rights reserved


Raymon Brugman Netherlands

Raymon Brugman started exploring the vast world of singer songwriter style music at the age of 13. Later he ventured into the realms of the digital audio world.

Now 24, he creates a seamless blend of analogue and electronic Music and Arts...
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